Dreams for children of the worldQQQQ
This word was our motto and it led us to foundation of Tatsunoko Productions in 1962 and we began to step forward in the world of animation giving birth to "Space Ace" in 1965 and to "Mach Go, Go, Go" (Speed Racer) in 1967. In those days television was still in black and white and such foreign-made animations as "Micky Mouse" and "Popeye" were at the height of popularity in Japan. It was then that Tatsunoko's own animations were born to sweep over TV-watching households like a typhoon and draw everybody into a whirlpool of laughter, pathos and excitement. Thereafter we have been sending out hits in every genre including "Honeybee Hutch","Gatchaman" and "Time-Bokan" series and it is our belief that we owe all our success to your heartfelt assistance and encouragement. All such support benefited our animated characters by enabling them to win worldwide popularity and to act in high spirits. However, those ones who are still in the process of planning or under production cannot stand on their own feet only waiting for your warm backing to grow up maturely. From the past to the future, we are determined to march on forward together with those lovable characters to live up to expectations of you all.

Company information

Company Name:

Date of Establishment:
October 19, 1962

Musashino YS Bldg.2F, 1-19-3 Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN

Company activities:
*Planning and production of theatrical and television animation
*Sales of animated productions both domestic and international
*Copyright management and copyright business
*Planning and production for original characters
*Planning and production for book, magazine and picture book

Yuzo Kuwahara,  President & CEO

As of January 31, 2014

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